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As Ford expanded their Expedition Series SUV, so did Console Vault. Now compatible with all 2015-2017 model Expeditions, Ford owners can take full advantage of their center console without sacrificing any security. Complete with Console Vault's Triple Guard Lock System, model 1065 will fit in your Expedition with ease and will be equipped with the most secure product. Console Vault understands our customers need for utmost security and have proven that through their products. The Ford...

The standard seven-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission fortifies the RS3’s flexibility on the road, being both effortlessly smooth when cruising and happy to sharply rifle through the gears to keep the engine on boil when the car is driven aggressively. And its highly effective launch-control system makes the wee Audi a stoplight-racing champ: Simply toggle the transmission and the stability-control system to their Sport modes, floor both pedals until the engine is holding at about 3500 rpm, and release the brake to catapult off the line as quickly as some Porsche 911s. Audi doesn’t quote specific front-to-rear torque splits for the Quattro all-wheel-drive system, but the quickness with which it shuttles power fore and aft makes the RS3 eminently controllable at its handling limit.

Sedan Vault, The - VanguardSedan Vault, The - VanguardSedan Vault, The - VanguardSedan Vault, The - Vanguard